Challenging Teacher Bias: Implementing a Community Learning Fair

  • Karen Elizabeth Lafferty San Diego State University
  • Valerie Ooka Pang San Diego State University


All teacher education programs require multicultural components, however these may treat existing prejudices superficially or even reinforce them. This article presents a culturally responsive approach to addressing teacher prejudice through activities founded on the Caring-Centered Multicultural Education framework. Based on input from the teachers and principal at a partner school, pre-service teachers prepare inquiry-based science lessons for a community event. As pre-service teachers interact with families, they recognize the children’s inquisitiveness and their parents’ value for education, dispelling negative stereotypes about culturally and linguistically diverse urban communities. A whole-class debriefing to promote reflection on personal and societal prejudice follows, offering an effective model of Caring-Centered Multicultural Education that bridges theory into practice.

Author Biographies

Karen Elizabeth Lafferty, San Diego State University
Karen Elizabeth Lafferty is a student in the San Diego State University/Claremont Graduate University joint-doctoral program.
Valerie Ooka Pang, San Diego State University
Valerie Ooka Pang is a professor at San Diego State University and works in Multicultural Teacher Education and Asian American Education.
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