Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions about Ethical Practices in Student Evaluation

  • Daniel Jay Bergman Wichita State University


In this study, 264 pre-service teachers responded to a survey by marking whether they perceived example evaluation scenarios to have ethical or unethical actions by an educator. Results indicate that pre-service teachers had high agreement in 53% of the scenarios, and were in high disagreement regarding 17% of the scenarios. Chi-square analysis comparing elementary and middle/secondary pre-service teachers found significantly different responses in 17% of the scenarios. In each of these cases, elementary pre-service teachers had a higher percentage of participants deeming a scenario as ethical than those in the middle/secondary group. Discussion includes the need for teacher preparation programs to explicitly address ethical conduct with pre-service teachers, including ongoing discussion and reflection throughout the program.

Author Biography

Daniel Jay Bergman, Wichita State University
Daniel J. Bergman is an Assistant Professor and Program Chair of Science Education at Wichita State University.