Issues in Teacher Education
Fall 2013

Suzanne SooHoo & Janae Dimick

Counter-Intuitive Findings
from Teacher Education Accreditation Council’s
Surveys of Candidates and Faculty
about Candidate Knowledge and Skill

Frank Murray

Promising Practices

Role-Playing in an Inclusive Classroom:
Using Realistic Simulation
to Explore Differentiated Instruction

Peter Clyde Martin


Career Changers in Special Education:
A Collaborative Direction in Teacher Preparation
for School Systems and Institutions of Higher Education

Natasha Veale, Nicole Dobbins, & Stephanie Kurtts

Book Review

Narratives on Teaching and Teacher Education:
An International Perspective

Edited by Andrea M. A. Mattos
Reviewed by Jina Ro

European Values and Cultural Heritage—
A New Challenge for Primary and Secondary School Education

By Tomáš Jablonský, Daniela Kolibová, & Silvia Matúšová
Reviewed by Ann Nevin, Jacqueline Thousand, & Mary McNeil