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Call for Manuscripts > Proposing a Theme Issue

Issues in Teacher Education welcome proposals for guest-edited theme issues addressing topics, concerns, and methodologies for improving the quality of teacher preparation (broadly conceived to include pre-service preparation, the induction years, and the professional development of career teachers). Proposals should adhere to the guidelines below.

Guidelines for Theme Issues

Each theme issue consists of four to six articles centered on a common theme. In addition, theme issues include an introductory essay by the guest editor and may have a concluding essay. Guest editors are responsible for distributing a “Call for Manuscripts” or soliciting manuscripts from selected scholars. Guest editors serve as the first level of peer review and are responsible for assuring manuscripts are well written, methodologically sound, and follow the usual ITE format. When the guest editors are satisfied with the quality of the submissions they forward the package of manuscripts to the editor, who distributes manuscripts to regular journal reviewers. All manuscripts, even those solicited, are peer reviewed. Please view the Action Research Webinar:

Proposing a Theme Issue

Prospective guest editors are requested to submit a one-to-two page proposal with the following information:

  • The name, contact number, institutional affiliation(s), and brief professional biography of the potential guest editor(s), including previous journal experiences.
  • A proposed title for the theme issue and a rationale (include citations) making the case for its significance to the field, timeliness, implications for teacher education and/or teacher development, appropriateness for ITE’sreadership, etc.
  • A list of potential thematic strands or topics within the issue.
  • The means of identifying and selecting articles (e.g., widely broadcast call for manuscripts, solicitation at conferences, etc.).
  • A separate and specific “Call for Manuscripts” document, modeled on the generic call used by ITE.

Review of the Theme Issue Proposal

Proposals for theme issues are reviewed by the Chief Editor on such criteria as alignment with ITE mission concept, potential audience, and promise of readiness for publication by the agreed upon deadline. Guest editors of approved proposals are expected to keep the Chief Editor informed of progress moving the issue toward publication.

Submitting a Proposal

Proposals for a theme issue may be submitted at any time to Dr. Allison Smith, Chief Editor at