Issues in Teacher Education
Fall 2014

Editors’ Introduction
Susanne SooHoo, Joel Colbert, & Janae Dimick

“You Would Think I Could Pull It off Differently”:
A Teacher Educator Returns to Classroom Teaching

Jason K. Ritter

Educators’ Perceptions and Knowledge
of the Commnon Core State Standards

Louis S. Nadelson, Heidi Pluska, Scott Moorcroft,
Annie Jeffrey, & Susan Woodard

Teachers as Expert Learners and Fellow Travelers:
A Review of Professional Development
Practices for Problem-Based Learning

Janet Walton

Collaborative Video Inquiry as Teacher Educator
Professional Development

Laura Baecher & Shiao-Chuan Kung

Teacher and Policy Alignment:
A Phenomenological Study Highlighting
Title I High School Teachers’
Professional Development Experiences

LaNysha T. Adams

Teaching, Learning, and Leading
with Schools and Communities:
One Urban University Re-Envisions
Teacher Preparation for the Next Generation

Ann Marie Ryan, David Ensminger, Amy J. Heineke,
Adam S. Kennedy, David P. Prasse, & Lara K. Smetana

Changing Teacher Preparation
for California’s Changing Secondary Schools

Nancy Farnan, Penni Hudis, & Arlene LaPlante

Promising Practices

(De)constructing Student Engagement
for Pre-0Serviuce Teacher Learning

Jennifer G. Beasley, Conra D. Gist, & Marcia B. Imbeau

Challenging Teacher Bias:
Implementing a Community Learning Fair

Karen Elizabeth Lafferty & Valerie Ooka Pang

Book Reviews

Living Faithfully:
The Transformation of Washington School

by Frances Schoonmaker
Reviewed by Kathryn Ado

Fire in the Ashes:
Twenty-Five Years among the Poorest Childen in America

by Jonathan Kozol
Reviewed by AnnMarie Alberton Gunn