Issues in Teacher Education
Fall 2020

Editor’s Introduction
Terri Patchen

Reclaiming Uplift:
Caring for Teacher Candidates During the Covid-19 Crisis
Christian A. Bracho

Practice What You Preach:
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy During Covid-19
Jolan M. Smith

Teacher Education in the Borderlands:
Examining the Intersections of Being a Teacher Candidate and Essential Worker in the Age of Covid-19
Lluliana Alonso

Interrogating College of Education Mandates from the Margins:
Realizations from a Shift in Perspective
Socorro Orozco 

Centering Wellness and Fostering Interconnectedness With Future Educators of Color During a Global Pandemic and Racial Justice Uprising
Oscar Navarro

Creating Community from a Physical Distance
Insights and Reflections from a Bilingual Teacher Educator

Michelle Soto-Peña

Vexations and Breakthroughs
Taking an In-Person Tutoring Program Online

Margaret Sauceda Curwen

Art Access and Equity in Teacher Education During a Pandemic
Browning M. Neddeau

Facilitating Meaningful Collaboration Between Special and General Education Teachers Through Synchronous Online Learning
Brad Fogo &  Mary Requa

Lessons from Pandemic Teacher Candidate Supervision
Cynthia Geary

Finalizing Teacher Education Capstone Projects in an Unstable Environment
Three Strategies for Success

Heather Michel

Co-Innovating a Paradigm Shift from a Pandemic
Tara Barnhart

Reconsidering Preservice-Mentor Relationships in Complex Times
New Possibilities for Collaboration and Contribution

Nancy T. Walker & Amy Ardell

Making Virtual Co-Teaching Work in a Covid-19 Environment
Estella W. Chizhik & Regina R. Brandon

Building Partnerships to Support Teachers With Distance Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Cohorts, Confidence, and Microteaching

Rebecca Birch & Katherine Lewis