Issues in Teacher Education
Spring 2009


Guest Editors’ Introduction
Debra DeCastro Ambrosetti,
Victoria Brookhart Costa, & Caryl Hodges

Taking Stock of Performance Assessments in Teaching
Jon Snyder

A Local Evaluation of the Reliability, Validity,
and Procedural Adequacy of the Teacher Performance
Assessment Exam for Teaching Credential Candidates

Matthew L. Riggs, Michael P. Verdi, & Patricia K. Arlin

Voices of Pre-Service Teachers:
Perspectives on the Performance Assessment
for California Teachers (PACT)

Irina Okhremtchouk, Sumer Seiki, Betsy Gilliland,
Comfort Ateh, Matt Wallace, & Anna Kato

Fresno Assessment of Student Teachers:
A Teacher Performance Assessment that Informs Practice

Colleen Torgerson, Susan R. Macy,
Paul Beare, & David E. Tanner

Using the Performance Assessment of California Teachers
to Examine Pre-Service Teachers’ Conceptions
of Teaching Mathematics for Understanding

Elizabeth A. van Es & Judi Conroy

Beyond the Scores:
Using Candidate Responses on High Stakes
Performance Assessment to Inform
Teacher Preparation for English Learners

George C. Bunch, Julia M. Aguirre, & Kip Téllez

Teaching Performance Assessment:
A Comparative Study of Implementation anbd Impact
among California State University Campuses

Curtis L. Guaglianone, Maggie Payne,
Gary W. Kinsey, & Robin Chiero

A Collaborative Approach to Assessment:
The Assessment and Improvement
Management System (AIMS)

Maggie Payne & Mimi Miller

Book Review:
Learning from Latino Teachers

by Gilda L. Ochoa
Reviewed by E. Michael Madrid

Book Review:
Fires in the Middle School Bathroom

by Kathleen Cushman & Laura Rogers
Reviewed by Cancy McArn

Book Review:
Educational Psychology

by Greg S. Goodman
Reviewed by Henry G. Brzycki