Issues in Teacher Education
Spring 2013

Ethics in Teaching and Learning:
Guest Editors’ Introduction

Kathleen Faith Mikitka-Gomez & Kathleen Holowach

Book Review

Teaching as a Moral Practice:
Defining, Developing, and Assessing
Professional Dispositions in Teacher Education

Peter C. Murrell, Jr., Mary E. Diez,
Sharon Feiman-Nemser, & Deborah J. Schussler (Editors)
Reviewed by Genevieve N. Aglazor

Theme Articles

Attending to Ethical and Moral
Dispositions in Teacher Education

Richard D. Osguthorpe

Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions
about Ethical Practices in Student Evaluation

Daniel J. Bergman

A Dialogic Construction of Ethical Standards
for the Teaching Profession

Déirdre Mary Smith

Strategies to Support Ethical Reasoning
in Student Argumentation

Joan Carlton Griswold & Jeanne Ting Chowning

Resolving Ethical Issues at School
Jacques S. Benninga

Non-Theme Articles

Teacher Reflection:
Supports, Barriers, and Results

Elizabeth L. Jaeger

Investigating Perceptions of Teachers and Teaching
Using the Draw-a-Teacher Checklist

Becky B. Sinclair, Susan Szabo,
Adrienne Redmond-Sanogo, & Jennifer D. Sennette

An Initial Investigation
into the Mathematical Background
of Those Who Pass the CSET for Mathematics

Jorgen Berglun