Issues in Teacher Education
Spring 2014

STEM Education:
Educating Teachers for a New World

Babette M. Benken & Heidi J. Stevenson

Teachers Can Learn to Attend to Students’
Reasoning Using Videos as a Tool

Carolyn A. Maher, Marjory F. Palius, James A. Maher,
Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, & Robert Sigley

Where is the “E” in STEM for Young Children?
Engineering Design Education
in an Elementary Teacher Preparation Program

Daniell DiFrancesca, Carrie Lee, & Ellen McIntyre

The Next Generation Science Standards,
Common Core State Standards, and English Learners:
Using the SSTELLA Framework
to Prepare Secondary Science Teachers

Sara Tolbert, Trish Stoddart,
Edward G. Lyon, & Jorge Solis

Piloting a Co-Teaching Model
for Mathematics Teacher Preparation:
Learning to Teach Together

Ruth Helen Yopp, Mark W. Ellis, Martin V. Bonsangue,
Thomas Duarte, & Susanne Meza

Developing Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Teachers:
A Model for the Professional Development
of Teacher Educators

Alison Castro Superfine & Wenjuan Li

Myths and Motives behind STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
Education and the STEM-Worker Shortage Narrative

Heidi J. Stevenson

Book Review:
A Call-to-Action for Improving STEM Education

Reviewed by Torrey Trust

Non-Theme Articles

From “Urban” to Urban:
Engaging Schools and Communities
in Teacher Education

Ruanda Garth McCullough & Ann Marie Ryan

Using a Participant Pool to Gather Data
in a Teacher Education Program:
The Course of One School’s Efforts

Peter D. Wiens

Book Review:
Constructing Change in America’s Classrooms

Reviewed by Cyndi Mottola Poole